Case Specifications  

Constructed from lightweight aluminium and fluted polypropylene, Magniature Cases are sturdy and lightweight. Each case is fitted with a carry handle, case clips, and lift off hinges.

The cases are designed with carry-on luggage in mind and meet all Australian carrier restrictions as well as the majority of international carriers.  

Case Dimensions (mm): 480H x 325W x 220D 

Case Weight (g): ≈1900 

Shelf Specifications 

Magniature Cases are designed for use with miniatures that have had their bases magnetised. 

Some of the potential benefits of magnetic over traditional foam cases include: 

  • Greatly improved ease and speed packing and unpacking your miniatures 
  • Reduced damage to miniatures and paint due to sticking into or rubbing against foam 
  • More flexible storage, especially for large miniatures 

Magniature Cases feature a multi-level shelf system designed to accommodate miniatures of different heights. 

Each shelf has a ferrous steel layer with a silicone coating to prevent your miniatures sliding around during transport. 

Shelf Dimensions (mm): 285L x 200W x 10H 

Shelf Magnetic Area (mm): 245L x 180W 

Shelf Weight (g): ≈330