With almost 25 years of experience as a passionate wargamer and hobbiest I've experienced the frustrations of traditional foam transport systems. 

Paint gets rubbed off, spiky bits get caught in the foam and snap off, the cases themselves are bulky and heavy... and it takes forever to pack and unpack your miniatures.

On top of all the the physical hassles, your beautifully painted and thematic army is relegated to the indignity of a boring black plastic case , or at best, a generically patterned bag.

There must be a better way... Magnets.

Magnetized transport systems are nothing new but I found the options available to be either ridiculously expensive, or shoddy looking DIY solutions.

Rather than settle for a less than ideal option I set about the task of designing my own and when I turned up at my local wargaming club with my new case, some of the members decided they wanted one too.

After almost a year of re-designing, prototyping and testing I finally arrived at a design that I was confident to offer for sale to my wargaming friends.

And now, Magniature Cases are available to you too.